New England Homes for the Deaf winter scene

Our Team

Executive Director
Shelley Silverman

Executive Board

David L. Ankeles, Vice President
Daniel J. Trombley, Treasurer
Stephen L. Sacco, Associate Treasurer
Jessica Fox, Secretary


George H. Balsley
Jane Botti, Honorary Trustee
Barbara J. Cummings
J. William Lassetter
Diane G. Simon
Mathew Rodriguez
Thomas Minch


Senior Leadership Team

Christina LoConte, Director of Nursing
Jessica Dupont Director of Marketing-Development-Activities
Kathryn Melanson, Director of Human Resources
Ronald Bridge, Director of Finance
Phillip Padulsky, Director of Nutritional Services
Henry Lopez, Director of Maintenance & Security
Thomas A. Boudrow, Director of Communications, Business Development and Outreach
Bethany Pike, Staff Interpreter
Lauren Quirion, Manager, Thompson House

Contact Us

TTY 978-739-4010
VP 978-767-8784
Voice 978-774-0445
Fax 978-774-0271

Visit Us

New England Homes for the Deaf
154-160 Water Street
Danvers, MA 01923